Royal Oak, Michigan White Pages

Royal Oak, Michigan White Pages

Royal Oak uses the Michigan area code. Other information about persons whose phone numbers start with this area code is also available on the Michigan white pages. Here, you can expect to find a person’s name, address, and other publicly available information using their phone numbers.

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County Oakland County

Area Code 231, 248, 269, 313, 517, 586, 616, 679, 734, 810, 906, 947, 989

Rank in State 19th

Rank in Country 656th

Population 59,040

Land Area (mi²) 11,8 sq mi

Density (mi²) 5,006,70/sq mi

Zip codes 48084

Median Household Income $83,194

Estimated per capita income $52,172

Median Age 35,9 years

Males (50,4%)

Females (49,6%)